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The current poor economic in Thailand has remarkably affected the earning ability of the lower middle and the lower income people. Part of them has to depend on illegal occupation such as drug trafficking, smuggling, and robbery. The establishment of a community center is a choice where these people in the community could have a good opportunity to learn and practice new skills for new careers in order to find a legitimate and better jobs, and to be able to support themselves and their families, enabling them not return to those illegal jobs again.

This career service center is located at 96 Moo 7, Thambone Pukrang, Ampur Phra Buddhabat ,Saraburi Province, Thailand. The beneficiaries of this career center will be the lower income people, and the youth detention in Saraburi and Lop Buri provinces. This includes those who are under the offense and probation, who are the detainees, women who have been abandoned by her husband, who are a single mom, who are divorced, whose husband dies, or is prosecuted for the offense, or is in imprisonment, etc.)

In 2015-16, District of Phra Buddhabat and the neighboring districts have about 340 people in total who are employed with uncertain income. It would be very helpful if they could develop their vocational skill in order that they can work more part-time, can self-employ, and consequently can raise up their income for themselves and their families. Once the Community Career Centre has been established, people in the community and neighboring communities will have a place to learn and develop various skills for their new career, such as Thai sweet dessert, snack, food, wood carving, and handicrafts. In order to have a long-lasting sustainable projects for Community Career Center, Mrs. Nongnuj Sornraj is assigned to be the chair of Coordination Center for Volunteer Probation, Ministry of Justice of Phra Buddhabat district. She is responsible for planning and management of the center, especially for the training programs that meet the needs of the community.

Visit the Border Patrol Police School at Bahn Na Yao – February 2, 2016

RCB Bulletin 110216v3-1 RCB Bulletin 110216v3-3

Two weeks after the royal visit by our honorary member, HRH Crown Princess Sirindhorn, a team of our club officers went to appraise the needs of the school that we may provide according to our “Service Above Self.”

This remote ‘Border Patrol Police School’ at Bahn Na Yao serves the community children from Grade 1 to Grade 6, with 372 students and 25 teachers. Most of the students are children of poor migrant workers from the northeast who work at nearby industrial estates. Though the school is located in Chachoengsao province, it is at the farthest end near the border of SraKaew province, a 3-hr drive from Bangkok. This is one of the over 180 schools operated by the BPP under the patronage of Her Royal Highness. After being briefed by the school principal, a police lieutenant, we concluded that we could provide a refurbishing of a classroom ceiling and part of the floor in a 31-year-old building named after the late Princess Mother.

We were taken for a tour of the school compound where HRH Crown Princess initiated projects for students to learn sufficiency living at school. These include raising chicken, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigs, fishes, frogs, and grow a variety of vegetables. Moreover, students are trained to fix bicycles, their means of transport, a skill they could make a living thereafter.

Our inspection team brought the children toys, soy milk and snacks. Thanks to the Books for Thailand Foundation, we delivered imported textbooks from US publishers, like McGraw-Hills, to the school library.

[FYI: The Rotary Club of Bangkok School off the resort town of Hua Hin had been a ‘Border Patrol Police School’ under the royal patronage of the late HRH Princess Mother Srinagarindra. In 1969, the late Dr. Kulthon Sundaravej, president of the Rotary Club of Bangkok and a physician in the volunteer medical team of the late Princess Mother was asked to take it under our care. HRH Princess Mother graciously named the school Rotary Club of Bangkok School.]

Written by PP Chamnong Watanagase

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RCB MG Project Report

Capacity Building – HIV-AIDS Community Home Care Training – Vientiane Laos (June 10-14, 2013), a Matching Grant Project hosted by Rotary Club of Bangkok.

The 2nd training workshop for Capacity Building HIV-AIDS Community Home Care was conducted in Vientiane, Laos from June 10-14, 2013.  It was organized by the Cooperation Organization of the Project, The Mercy Center of Bangkok.  President Kallaya and Dr. Charles-Foundation Director attended the opening ceremony and observed the training conducted by the expert team from Mercy Center led by K. Usanee.  In coordination with Lao National Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (LPN+), 25 HIV-AIDS Care Volunteers/Health workers from different parts of Laos attended this 5-days workshop.  Also presence at the opening ceremony was the Representative of Laos Red Cross, which is also a sponsor of this workshop event.

RCB is the host of this MG project with RC Warrandyte Donvale as an international partner.  The total cost of this 5 days workshop was 213,950 Baht.  Under this MG project plan, 5 to 7 more workshops are being scheduled.

Rotary One Day – June 5, 2013 at Sai Nampung School

Rotary One Day – June 5, 2013 – Sai Nampung School

On June 5, RCB joined other Rotary Clubs in D 3350 in Rotary One Day event at Sai Nampung School.

We had a number of our members joined this event.  Rtn. Nippita, Rtn. Dr. Urs, Rtn. Deepak, VP Kamol, Rtn. Dr. Gustaf, Rtn. Aneesha, Rtn. Pierre Edouard, IPP Chamnong, P Kallaya, K. May and Rtn. Nippita’s friend.

Our club was assigned to handle 2 classes of students (M2-M3 levels). Our objective is to inspire young students to learn and communicate in English and to give them opportunity to meet and talk to our members from various classifications and multi-nationalities.

We grouped the students into 6-7 groups by their career interests and let’s our members (Lawyer, Diplomat, Designer, Airlines/logistics, Hotel/hospitality, Reporter/news writer, HR consult, trading/manufacturing) talked to them and let them ask questions. The students are very enthusiastic and exciting to meet our multi-nationality members.

Thank you all members for participating in the last Rotary One Day of this Rotary Year.

Rotary One Day - June 5, 2013 at Sai Nampung School

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Reforestation Project – Sriracha Cholburi – May 11, 2013

“Many rotary members, as well as their families, and approximately 30 rotaracts have participated in the re-forestation project on May 11, 2013.   All left Bangkok as early as 6.45 am to be at the site in Chonburi (near Tiger Conservatory) at 9.00 am, in time for the opening ceremony of the project.  After the opening ceremony, we all had fun planting trees over the 50 rais of land organized by the Forestry Department.  The rotaracts were a great help, climbing up to the higher end of the area, while the (not so young) rotarians stayed at the lower ground.

After a couple of hours under the sun with many trees planted, some of us headed back to Bangkok, others continued on to Chantaburi for more fun activities.    In all, it was a great activity and a successful community service.”

Reforestation Project - Sriracha Cholburi - May 11, 1013

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Scholarship for Medical Student

P Kallaya presented the check of 22,000 Baht to Ms. Patamapon Bujerdjin, 2nd year Dentist Student from Chulalongkorn University who was selected by the university to receive financial support from our club. This scholarship project is coordinating by PP Dr. Jiraporn Charudilaka.

Rotary Club of Bangkok will support this student for 5 years until she graduates (she will receive 22,000 Baht every year). The scholarship fund is drawn from the interest of the restricted fund of PP Dr. Boonliang Tamthai account.

English Teacher Training Project – Apr 23-May 9

The objective of this project is to improve English Teaching Skill of Teachers (with non-English major) from rural schools in the remote area under the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC).  RCB has initiated and supported this project in collaboration with OBEC and the Language Institute of Thammasart University for 10 years now.
On April 23, the team of RCB led by P. Kallaya and Vocational Service Director Rtn. Paul Scales joined the opening Ceremony of the English Teacher Training Program (ETTP) at the Language Institute of Thammasart University. The training started on April 23 and will be finished on May 9 for total of 15 training days.  This year, we sponsor 60 teachers from schools under OBEC across Thailand to attend this program.  OBEC provides support on logding, transportation and allowance for 60 teachers while RCB sponsors the cost of training provided by LITU for 8,000 Baht per teacher with total budget of 480,000 Baht. In addition to RCB’s budget, we also received 23 individual sponsors to support this project (total 176,000 Baht).

On May 7, RCB will host a buffet lunch at the LITU (Tha Prajan Campus) for the teachers, instructors, RCB members and individual donors to meet and get together.
The closing ceremony will be at 2.30 pm on May 9 at LITU (Tha Prajan Campus).

Vocational Service Project – Interaction Essentials Workshop for Teachers

Interaction Essentials Workshop for OBEC English teachers (ผู้นำและการสื่อสารของผู้นำ)

The 2nd workshop on Interaction Essentials provided by DDI team was held on April 5, 2013 at Royal Benja Hotel. This time, DDI provided 2 half-day workshops for 60 English teachers selected by OBEC from schools across Thailand. The teachers were grouped into 2 with 30 teachers in each group. One workshop led and facilitated by K. Pattarin – Head Consultant of DDI and the other led by K. Apisith – Senior Consultant.

The content of the workshop emphasized on effective communication skill of leader and how teachers can apply this skill in their day-to-day work and classroom.

Dr. Wattanaporn Ra-ngabtook- OBEC Director, K. Suchada Chuensuksawasdi – General Manager of DDI and Pres. Kallaya of RCB were all presented at the opening ceremony.

The next workshop is scheduled for June 10, 2013

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