The current poor economic in Thailand has remarkably affected the earning ability of the lower middle and the lower income people. Part of them has to depend on illegal occupation such as drug trafficking, smuggling, and robbery. The establishment of a community center is a choice where these people in the community could have a good opportunity to learn and practice new skills for new careers in order to find a legitimate and better jobs, and to be able to support themselves and their families, enabling them not return to those illegal jobs again.

This career service center is located at 96 Moo 7, Thambone Pukrang, Ampur Phra Buddhabat ,Saraburi Province, Thailand. The beneficiaries of this career center will be the lower income people, and the youth detention in Saraburi and Lop Buri provinces. This includes those who are under the offense and probation, who are the detainees, women who have been abandoned by her husband, who are a single mom, who are divorced, whose husband dies, or is prosecuted for the offense, or is in imprisonment, etc.)

In 2015-16, District of Phra Buddhabat and the neighboring districts have about 340 people in total who are employed with uncertain income. It would be very helpful if they could develop their vocational skill in order that they can work more part-time, can self-employ, and consequently can raise up their income for themselves and their families. Once the Community Career Centre has been established, people in the community and neighboring communities will have a place to learn and develop various skills for their new career, such as Thai sweet dessert, snack, food, wood carving, and handicrafts. In order to have a long-lasting sustainable projects for Community Career Center, Mrs. Nongnuj Sornraj is assigned to be the chair of Coordination Center for Volunteer Probation, Ministry of Justice of Phra Buddhabat district. She is responsible for planning and management of the center, especially for the training programs that meet the needs of the community.

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